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    Kepion Support

    Hi Santiago,


    Thank you for writing in about all of these. Hopefully I can shed some clarity on the behaviors you're experiencing.


    1) For inserting static rows, this is actually the intended behavior. This is because the blank row you're inserting exists on the same row number, no matter how the Form changes. To create a blank row that moves dynamically with the Form, we suggest creating a Header in the row / column definition of the Form.


    2) When formatting Forms, formatting applied directly to the Form acts in the same way as the static row above-- the formatting exists on the row / column not the Dimension Members. So as the Form changes, it stays on the row / column it was applied to. You correctly identified that Cell Attributes are the way to resolve this, as Cell Attributes apply formatting based on the intersection of Dimension Members. This is the best practice solution for creating dynamic formatting that follows the Dimension Members as they move on the Form. You should only apply formatting directly to the Form if you expect the rows or columns to remain static (often the top row or left-most column tend to be static).


    3) The last issue you've identified, I think is certainly a bug and we can repro on our end as well. We'll pass this along to the development team and see if we can get this addressed! Thank you very much for reporting this.


    Let me know if you have any further questions,


    Ian Britz

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