Vertical Text in Forms



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    Kepion Support

    Hi Ignacio,

    Apologies for the late response here. We agree that the ability to create vertical or angled text would be really cool! However in Kepion we do all of our own text rendering, and so this would likely require quite a bit of design effort. It may be something we can implement in the Dashboard editor first, as text is a self-contained component there, as opposed to the complexity of text in a form. But either way, we'll keep this on our radar when looking at what enhancements we can make following the release of the HTML5 Modeler.


    Ian Britz

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    Perez Lemme, Ignacio

    I think having an Excel-like ribbon like this would be awesome!

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    Perez Lemme, Ignacio

    Hi Ian,

    That'd be great! I'm not in a hurry with this particular feature, its something it'd like to have. Hope the HTML5 migration is coming to an end! You should take some vacations after that!

    ~ Ignacio

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